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How To Choose Between a GSA Approved Container and a UL Listed TL15 or TL30 Safe?

If you are storing Classified information or AA&E items (Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives or keys securing these items) generally you must utilize a GSA Approved Class 5 Container. However, if you are storing Narcotics or Valuables in most cases you have a choice.*

For Non-Practioner Narcotics storage of Schedule I and II drugs, you can utilize either a GSA Approved Class 5 Container or a UL Listed TL-15 Safe (Burglary Resistant,) or higher, equipped with a UL Listed Group 1R Lock. In either case, if the safe weighs less than 750 LBS it must be physically secured to the building.

For the storage of Valuables up to $50,000 you should utilize either a GSA Approved Class 5 Container or a UL Listed TL15, or higher, safe. For the storage of Valuables over $50,000 you must utilize a UL Listed TL30 or higher safe. In either case, the safe should be equipped with a UL Listed Group 1R lock.

As you can see, most of the above options include both the UL Listed safe and the GSA Approved Class 5 Container. So, the question arises, why choose one over the other? Well, given the option, there are a number of reasons to choose the Commercial Burglary Resistant option:
  • Cost - Generally UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes are much less costly than comparably sized GSA Approved Class 5 Containers.

  • Selection - There are only five choices of sizes of GSA Approved Containers. Practically, none of these sizes are convenient for most installations, being too large, too small or are inconvenient drawer type containers. They can not be modified in any way. Not so with UL Listed Burglary Resistant safes. We have a wide range of sizes from very small to very large, and can custom design anything you can imagine.

  • Security - Commercial UL Listed TL15 safes are 50% more secure and TL30 safes are three times more secure than GSA Approved Class 5 Containers, which are only rated at 10 man minutes against forced entry.

  • Fire Protection - Commercial Burglary Resistant safes can afford native fire protection up to Two Hours. GSA Approved Containers afford zero fire protection. They are totally uninsulated.

  • Alarm Options - Commercial Burglary Resistant safes can be equipped with an internally mounted sensor to detect door open or heat (fire.) GSA Approved Containers can not be so fitted. They are sealed and it is not permitted to drill any penetrating holes for the routing of alarm wiring. As a result, any sensors must be mounted on the exterior, which is highly insecure.

  • Locking Mechanism - Commercial Burglary Resistant safes are equipped with ultra-reliable Group 1R mechanical spin dial locks. GSA Approved Containers approved for the storage of narcotics and valuables are multi-purpose containers. They are designed to meet classified storage requirements through Top Secret. As such, they must be equipped with electro-mechanical locks which are much more complex and contain electrical components which offer more opportunity for failure. It is prohibited to store classified materials concurrently with AA&E items or valuables.

  • Options - Commercial Burglry Resistant safes can be constructed utilizing a wide range of materials from a solid steel safe to a steel and composite safe affording insulating and fire protection qualities. They can be fitted with custom shelves and inserts, be equipped with internal alarm sensors and built with just about any configuration in mind. They are also available in many different stepped ranges of security, discussed below

UL Listed Commercial Burglry Resistant safes are available in a wide range of security levels. TL indicates the safe is Tool Rated against attack for the number of minutes indicated. For Example TL15 affords 15 man minutes against tool attack. TL30 affords 30 man minutes of protection. A TR rating indicates the safe is tested against Torch Attack. Often TR rated safes are listed as TL/TR safes. Safe tests are generally tests of attack on the doors. However, the balance of the safe must meet certain strict requirements as well to acheive the indicated rating. However, for ultra secure applications there are designations of "X6." For example TL30X6. This indicates extreme security where all six sides of the safe are tested against the indicated number of minutes of attack.

We offer such a wide variety of these safes, in every imaginable configuration, that it is impossible to treat them all here. To the right, we have displayed a few of the more common models. One of the most recent additions is the very nice Dual Compartment TL15 All Steel Narcotics/Valuables safe. This safe was designed for a laboratory where two different research teams needed storage, each with their own access to their materials. This safe features two independent TL15 compartments in a very compact package. Such a design would also be useful in financial applications where different users needed segregated access to their materials. This same safe, for example, can be built with only one small compartment or with three or more, stacked. This give some idea of the flexibility we have.

Please contact us with your specific needs.    

* - Please review your security requirements with the proper authority within your organization or command before making a safe selection.


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GSA Class 5 General Purpose With Drawer Insert
 Class 5 General Purpose

GSA Rated Class 5 Narcotics Container
  Narcotics Container

Under Counter UL Listed TL15 Safe
 Compact TL15 Safe

Dual Compartment TL15 Safe
 Dual Compartment TL15

Large TL15 Narcotics Safe
 Large TL15 Safe

Small TL15 Narcotics Safe
 Small TL15 Safe

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